eZ announces full PHP 8.0 support

Last week eZ Systems launched it’s enterprise grade CMS system eZ Platform 2.5LTS, with a plethora of improvements for everyone. One of them were a up to 10x performance improvement in I/O usage (Cache) when running Cluster system, which we will blog more in-depth about in the coming weeks.

Having had a focus on performance for a long time, we have been following work on Jit for PHP closely. As the RFC was accepted & merged into PHP source code last week, it is time to take it seriously. It will enable lots of new opportunities and use case for PHP, like machine learning, graphics rendering and other heavy CPU bound tasks, check out the following blog post by one of the PHP core team members.

Being that it promises to deliver a 2 - 4x performance for CPU bound workloads, 2.5LTS release being  engineered to heavily reducing our I/O overhead allows us to take advantage. As seen on the screenshoot, our internal testing shows up to a 2.42x improvements on optimized workloads. This is so severe performance improvement, we hereby roll out support for PHP 8.0 for all Community and Enterprise users.

Technically since PHP 8.0 is not out yet, we do this by means of special ”8.0” builds that consists of PHP 7.4 + Jit, and once PHP 8.0 is out users will be advised to move to the official PHP build. To try it out, please head over to our new PHP 8.0 download section.

If you rather want to stay with PHP 7.1 - 7.3 for now, as always head over to our normal documentation to get started: https://doc.ezplatform.com/en/2.5/getting_started/quickstart/


Additional anecdote as of April 2nd:

This blog post was an April Fools, specifically there is unfortunately no supported PHP 8.0 build from us, and the performance improvements on most web related workloads will most likely be far more modest (5-20%), unless you optimize your application for it. On top of that results from profiling it will most likely not result in all numbers being divisible by 42.

However we do intend to support PHP 8.0 when it comes out next year, and Jit for PHP is such a big move for PHP we wanted to celebrate it and make more people aware.

For most users, it’s strongly advised to wait at least until they launch Beta/RC versions before testing new PHP versions, in the meantime this blog post on Jit for PHP by one of the core team members is a good read: https://blog.krakjoe.ninja/2019/03/php-gr8.html


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